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A multi-instrumentalist, composer, performer, actor & storyteller; Njamy Sitson teaches African vocal polyphony & percussion in his " Njamy school of African singing", in Augsburg & at the Freies Musikzentrum in Munich. He also conducts vocal workshops & seminars for choirs & classical orchestras in Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium & Spain.
His teaching & pedagogic methods focuses on the use of the voice as a vocal instrument for polyphony & polyrhythm; harmony, melody, rhythm & pitch as well as development & enhancement of expressiveness, articulation & performance techniques.

Voice: African Singing & Vocalpolyphony
African Percussion: Drumming
Short Stories: Fairy Tales & Short Stories with music

2012 New CD Titled; Kulu - www.dreampointmusic.com

Kulu Song Tracks


African Cello Suite


Meeting of the Spirit


African Romance

Lamento Pygmaeus


Cantare Del Filhos

Fon Fon

African Angel Song Tracks

Luisa Amore Mio

Nelson Mandela

Yende Tatalo

Chabeun Nsi